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    III Trade Fair For Technical Textiles - INNOVATEX 2016

    Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Marek Łyżwa | 2016-06-01 08:39:45
    trade, technical fibers and yarns,  technical woven and knitted, non-wovens and fabrics, textile chemistry, technical haberdashery, machinery, equipment, hardware and accessories for production and services, technical products for the leather industry centers and research institutions 


    InnovaTex 2016




    Technical textiles become a major and growing sector which supports a vast array of other industries. Technical textiles include textiles for automotive applications, medical textiles (e.g., implants), geotextiles, agrotextiles (e.g., textiles for crop protection) and protective clothing (e.g. heat and radiation protection for fire fighter clothing). Nowadays the mostwidely technical textile materials are used in filter clothing, furniture, hygiene medicals and construction materials.

    Trade Fair For Technical Textiles is a branch project aimed to the manufacturers and purchasers of technical and special-purpose textiles. Our event is the most important meeting with representatives of the textile industry in Poland. The main purpose of the fair is to strengthening and intensify the co-operation between business and scientific circles and promotion of modern textile technology, which are increasingly being used in many industries.


    In parallel with the exhibition INNOVATEX Technical and Special Purpose of Textiles Conference will be held. The main target of the INNOVATEX 2016 is to create an opportunity to exchange knowledge for scientists, manufacturers and users of technical and specialpurpose textiles in different industries. It will also be a platform for sharing experience as well as a source of the new ideas born at the meeting point of interdisciplinary fields of knowledge.



    - the most important meeting of textiles industry in Poland
    - a perfect place for linking the business contacts and exchanging experience
    - an opportunity to present new products and technologies
    - a meeting of business and science in the centre of Poland
    - an opportunity for direct contact with companies which operate actively on

    thePolish market of technical textile


    - promoting products on the Polish market
    - identifying customers expectations on the Polish market
    - meeting with competitors
    - attracting new customers and business partner
    - establishing direct business contact with Polish producers of technical textiles


    - technical fibers and yarns

    - technical woven and knitted
    - non-wovens and fabrics
    - textile chemistry
    - technical haberdashery
    - machinery, equipment, hardware and accessories for production and services technical products for the leather industry centers and research institutions
     - manufacturing technologies
     - research centres and institutes and technical universities


    - Polish capital of th

    e textile industry with a long tradition dating back to the
    nineteenth century 

    - center of modern textile technology
    - headquarters of scientific research institutes
    - basin intellectual and production potential for the textile industry (Lodz University of Technology, Institute of Biopolymers and Chemical Fibers, Textile Research Institute,Institute of Security Technologies MORATEX, Polish Textile Association, Institute of Leather Industry.)


    Next year edition of the INNOVATEX Conference Technical and Special Purpose of Textiles Conference will be held with ‘Textiles Your Life’ - main theme. The event will create an opportunity to exchange knowledge for scientists, manufacturers and user of technical and special-purpose textiles in different branches of industry. It will also be a platform for sharing experience and a source of new ideas.



    The thematic sessions will include the following areas of everyday and economic life:


    the MEDTEX session – everyday protection, improving the quality of everyday life medical and hygienic textiles, rehabilitation and recreational textiles

    the PROETEX session – protection of life and health in the working environment textile solutions for personal protection, textiles for the protection of the working environment

    the BUDTEX session – healthy home textiles for the construction industry and interior decoration

    the GEOTTEX session – safe transportation textiles for means of transport, geotextiles, textiles for road protection

    the AGROTEX session – healthy food, clear water and air textiles for the protection of plants and animals, textiles for the protection of the natural

    the TECHTEX session – innovative technical textiles textiles for composites, footwear and leather industry and for special applications



    Edyta Winiarska
    Project Manager
    phone: +48 605 672 517



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